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ZZ Plant / Zamioculcas Zamiifolia / Zanzibar Gem

Probably the second easiest houseplant you can buy!
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ZZ plants are a great low maintenance plant that can tolerate very low light and water. They're probably the second easiest houseplant you can get hold of, after the Mother in Laws Tongue. They grow tall and slim making them great if you want a big plant in a tight space. They have super glossy deep green leaves.
-Pot diameter: 12cm. Approx height including pot 50cm.
-Light:  Bright indirect / shaded
-Humidity: Average-low
-Water: Allow at least the top couple of inches to dry out before watering. Will happily tolerate getting bone dry throughout the whole pot before watering
-Problems: Yellow leaves = too much water. Brown, crisp leaves = not enough water. Brown spots on leaves = too much direct light.