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At Plant & Paint we offer a range of beautiful bottle gardens made in-house by our resident terrarium enthusiast Ema. Terrariums are very low maintenance due to their ability to self-water, self-feed and self-humidify. They are essentially an entire tiny world!


Read made

Ready Made

We have a selection of open and closed terrariums available in-store with prices starting from just £18. Each one designed with beauty and practicality in mind resulting in living works of art. No two terrariums you will find at Plant & Paint are the same.

Terrarium kits

Terrarium Kits

Our terrariums kits are available in-store with everything you need to build your own terrarium at home. The kits include a large cork top glass vessel, stones, sand, charcoal, soil, three suitable plants and instructions for £42. They make a brilliant gift!

Mount pilea

Fill Your Own

If you have a glass vessel that you would love to have as a terrarium but don’t know where to start, we can build it for you. Bring it to the shop to discuss your vision, select from our large range of plants to go inside your terrarium then leave the rest to us! We price this service by adding together the price of any plants used plus a potting service fee which covers stones, soil and building your terrarium. For most smaller terrariums, the potting service is £10. Turn around is usually 7-10 days but we will give you a more accurate time when you pop in.

Fill our own

Fill Our Own

This service is perfect is you want a custom terrarium but don’t have a vessel to fill. Pop to the shop to see what empty terrariums we have waiting to be filled. Pick out the one you would like then it’s the same as the Fill Your Own service from there. The price will include any plants used, the potting service plus the price of the vessel.



We offer both open and closed terrarium workshops, the perfect way to unwind on a Sunday evening! Please see here for more information on our workshops. The terrarium workshops do fill up very fast so be sure to book as soon as new dates are announced.



When you take your terrarium home, we will make sure you know the minimal care that it will need. We have a range of terrarium tools and accessories available instore which make brilliant additions to your plant toolbox. On very rare occasion, a plant does not settle into a terrarium and will die back. If this happens, it will be soon after the terrarium is planted. If a plant in your terrarium purchased from Plant & Paint dies back within 30 days of being purchased / built, feel free to pop it back to the shop and we will replace it for a new one at no extra cost.


If you ever need any help with your terrarium, please contact