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String of Hearts / Ceropegia Woodii

One of our most popular plants, the String of Hearts is an adorable little trailer
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This adorable trailing plant is a firm favourite at Plant & Paint. It's great if you want a trailing or climbing plant with a long drop that will grow quickly. It gets it's name from it's cute heart shaped leaves. As a bonus, they're relatively low maintenance tolerating infrequent watering. This small pot size already has a drop of around a foot on it. These would make an excellent display in an open terrarium!
-Size: 8cm pot diameter, 20cm approx drop including pot
-Light:  Ideally bright indirect but can tolerate lower light
-Humidity: Average-dry
-Water: Allow to dry out between watering then water generously ensuring excess water can drain away. Will tolerate going thirsty for a while
- Problems: Yellow leaves = too much water. Brown, crisp leaves = not enough water.