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Spathiphyllum Alana / Peace Lily

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The Peace Lily is a great starter houseplant. Not only do they have beautiful big green leaves and beautiful white flowers, they can also tolerate lots of neglect. They are known for being very dramatic when they're thirsty with those lovely big leaves drooping over so far they'll almost though the surface below. This makes them great at reminding you to water them and will happily tolerate getting that thirsty.
- Pot diameter: 9cm Approx height including pot: 25cm
- Environment: Tropical
- Light: bright indirect-shaded
- Humidity: Average-high
- Water: Ideally they would like to be kept lightly moist but they will happily tolerate getting dry throughout before watering.
- Problems: Yellow leaves = too much water. Brown, crisp leaves = not enough water or humidity. Droopy leaves = not enough water.