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Sedum Burrito / Burro's Tail

Great if you're looking for something a bit different!
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The Sedum Burrito is an amazing, funky looking plant with long trailing stems covered in fleshy bead-like leaves. It's a succulent plant native to South America so expects lots of warm sunlight and not too much water. The chunky blue-green stems lay on top of each other creating a very dense, heavy plant. It will grow small pink flowers on the tips of the stem in spring and summer.
-Pot diameter: 14cm. Approx drop including pot: 25cm
-Environment: Tropical
-Light:  Bright direct light. This is a windowsill plant although be careful it does not get too cold.
-Humidity: Average-dry.
-Water: Water when the top couple of inches of the soil feels dry, allowing excess water to drain away.
-Problems: Soggy, yellow leaves= too much water. Brown, crisp, thin leaves = not enough water.
Please don't worry if there's lots of loose leaves in the bag when you take delivery of this plant. They fall off easily when being moved around but this will stop once they're settled.