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Repotting Party

You are all invited to Plant & Paint's Repotting Party!

2022 dates:

24th April 11:00-16:00

3rd July 11:00-16:00

4th September 11:00-16:00


What on earth is a repotting party? Exactly what it sounds like! Three times a year, we invite the good people of Hull and East Yorkshire to bring their plants down to the Fruit Market and we all get messy on the street. It’s like the grown-up version of making mud pies! We're also here to diagnose any issues you might be having and offer advice on how to best care for your green friends.

We'll have all the soil, feed and pots you need plus plant based food and drink from the fabulous Barleys Vegan Deli. We'll also have volunteers on the day, so plants of all sizes are welcome. Let's tackle those trees!

This event isn't ticketed and there's no need to book. Just turn up during the dates / times listed above.

What if it's raining? That won't stop us! We will have gazebo's to keep you dry.


How it works

1. Bring your rootbound plants down to the shop (max two per person so we can get through everyone)

2. Grab a nursery pot from the stack. We will help you choose the right size if you’re unsure

3. Find an empty spot on the table and dig into our huge stock of quality potting mix

4. We will then help you repot your plant! We will be working on the street so make all the mess you desire!

5. When you’re finished, pop your freshly repotted plant in the plant day-care area, snap a pic and tag us!

We would love to see you in the shop whilst you’re visiting for the Repotting Party, as would our ace indie neighbours! Unfortunately, we can’t have customers own plants in the shop due to pest and disease control (hence the repotting party) but don’t worry, they’ll be safe in day-care whilst you have a look around. Saves you lugging those trees around!


Does my plant need repotting?

If you give the nursery pot your plant is in a squeeze and it feels quite tight or there’s lots of roots bursting out the bottom or top of the pot, then it is rootbound and needs a bigger pot.

If the soil looks clumpy and doesn’t hold any moisture, then it is compacted and needs fresh soil.

If you are struggling to keep your plant happy or watered correctly then it may not be in the right soil mix.

If you have your plant potted into something that has no drainage, then it will be very susceptible to root rot / overwatering.

If any of this sound familiar, then your plant needs repotting!

Can’t make it to the repotting party? Not to worry, pop in any time (without your plant) during our hours and we will help you get everything you need and guide you through repotting your plant at home.


Potting mix

The potting mix we will be using on the day is from the UK based, family run E-coco Products. It is the same potting mix that we use for our terrarium making and workshops. It is a quality mix suitable for all indoor plants, including cacti and succulents. It is a peat-free mix made up of coco-coir, coconut husk fibre, coconut husk chip, coconut husk charcoal and rice husk ash. It’s very well-draining with just the right amount of moisture retention. It also provides excellent oxygenation to stimulate root growth. If you bring something quite niche along to repot and we feel this is not the right mix, we can guarantee we will have something else available that will be!



There will be a small charge for anyone repotting. Click here to download the price list. The prices are based on the diameter of the nursery pot that you repot into and include soil and service. We will have all the extra’s in-store available on the day including substrates, moss poles, plant supports and feeds.



We're very lucky to have a massive, low cost, multistorey carpark just a stones throw from the shop. It's the best spot to park if you're bringing your plants to town with you. It's just £2.50 to park all day on weekends. Click here for a map.


So, who's coming to the most random event ever to happen down Humber Street!?