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Maranta Leuconeura 'Red Stripe' / Tricolour Prayer Plant

The most popular plant at Plant & Paint!
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The Maranta Red Stripe is very similar to the Maranta Tricolour, although much less common. It has the same beautifully patterned and textured leaves on top with a lovely deep pink colour underneath, but it's just more in every way. More green, more pink, more stripey and more beautiful! Although it may not seem like it, Maranta's will trail down as they grow. Maranta's are often mistaken for Calatheas. Although they are not the same genus as Calathea's, they are both in the Marantaceae family so share a lot of similarities. Maranta's get their common name Prayer Plant by the way their leaves move to point upwards at night time like praying hands. All Maranta's are non toxic to cats and dogs.
-Pot size: 12cm Aprox height including pot: 25
- Environment: Tropical
- Light: Ideally bright indirect but can tolerate lower light (although will grow slower in lower light)
- Humidity: high. Will require misting if it's  not in a humid environment
- Water: Ideally they would like to be kept lightly moist but if in doubt it is better to let it get a little dry between watering than to drown it. They will tolerate going thirsty
- Problems: Yellow leaves = too much water. Brown, crisp leaves = not enough water or humidity. Droopy leaves = not enough water.