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Ludisia Discolor / Jewel Orchid

Incredible, unusual leaves!
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Whilst it's flowers are beautiful, the Jewel Orchid is grown more commonly for it's striking foliage. They have a deep green velvety leaf with a white pinstriped pattern. They grow shoots with sprays of small white flowers. They are an easy going orchid that will tolerate a shady spot. Treat them right and they wil reward you with plenty of new shoots.
- Pot diameter: 12cm Aprox. height including the pot: 30cm
- Environment: Tropical
- Light: Bright but indirect light
- Humidity: High. Will require misting if it's  not in a humid environment. It would love a bathroom!
- Water: Allow the top half of the soil to dry out before watering. Water regularly throughout the year.
- Problems: Yellow leaves = too much water. Brown, crisp leaves = not enough water or humidity. Droopy leaves = not enough water.