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Euphorbia Platyclada / The Dead Plant

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It's not hard to see how the Euphorbia Platyclada gets it's common name of 'the dead plant!' I can promise you this plant isn't only alive, but it's actually quite a treat to have available. It's a succulent plant with funky flat stems of black and white in a funky stippled pattern. They also have a slight pink tinge to them which will show more strongly the more light it gets. They're quite uncommon so get this talking point of a plant whilst you can!
- Pot diameter: 12cm Aprox height including pot:25cm
- Environment: Desert
- Light: Bright direct / bright indirect warm sunlight
- Humidity: Average-dry
- Water: Allow the soil to dry out throughout the pot then water generously, ensuring the excess can drain away. Do not water over winter
- Problems: Rotten plant = too much water. Brown crisp patches = not enough water