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Euphorbia Ingens XL / Cowboy Cactus / Candelabra Tree

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Ask someone to draw a cacti and there's a good chance they'll draw a Euphorbia Ingens! This is your classic wild west style cacti with it's towering pillars and arms of spikes. Cowboy cacti can grow very tall, to keep them growing straight rotate the pot to give it even sunlight.

- Pot diameter: 21cm Aprox height including pot: 90cm

- Environment: Desert

- Light: Bright direct / bright indirect. Can tolerate lower light but will thrive in higher light

- Humidity: Average-dry

- Water: Allow the soil to dry out throughout the pot then water generously, ensuring the excess can drain away. Do not water over winter and do not leave sitting in water

- Problems: Rotten plant = too much water. Brown crisp patches = not enough water. Plant looking bleached = too much light (burning)