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Euphorbia Ingens Variegata / Variegated Cowboy Cactus

Yes, that is a white cactus!
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Ask someone to draw a cacti and there's a good chance they'll draw a Euphorbia Ingens! This is your classic wild west style cacti with it's towering pillars and arms of spikes. What makes these cacti really special is they're variegated, giving them a beautiful white and green marbled pattern. Cowboy cacti can grow very tall, to keep them growing straight rotate the pot to give it even sunlight.

- Pot diameter: 21cm Aprox height including pot: 60cm

- Environment: Desert

- Light: Bright direct / bright indirect. Can tolerate lower light but will thrive in higher light

- Humidity: Average-dry

- Water: Allow the soil to dry out throughout the pot then water generously, ensuring the excess can drain away. Do not water over winter and do not leave sitting in water

- Problems: Rotten plant = too much water. Brown crisp patches = not enough water. Plant looking bleached = too much light (burning)